Advanced Biofuels

Methanol has been extensively used as a raw material for centuries. Its characteristics make it perfectly suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Methanol is among others used as an environmentally friendly degradable windshield fluid, as a wastewater treatment carbon source and as a feedstock for the production of plastics, etc.

In the last decades methanol has been adopted as a fuel alternative, especially in motorsports, because of it superior fire safety, higher octane rating and lower emissions of pollutants.  Methanol can be used as a fuel in its own right or directly blended with gasoline. It is also a feedstock for the production of MTBE and biodiesel.

Since bio-methanol can be produced from industrial residues and biogas it can be recognized as a second-generation biofuel.  It carries the same benefits as the conventional methanol plus it reduces Well to Wheel CO2 emissions up to +90% without involving agricultural land use.

Bio-methanol can be blended with gasoline or used as a feedstock in the production of bio-MTBE, bio-DME, or synthetic biofuels.

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