Fuel cells

Fuel Cells

Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC) is the first commercial type of fuel cells and more than 20.000 systems are used in everyday applications world wide such as Recreational Vehicles (RVs), remote power generation, telecom, military applications, etc.

Fuel cells are appreciated because of:

  • Superior efficiency compared to a diesel generator, especially in low power ranges
  • Very low noise levels, which could highly appreciated by the public transport sector e.g. buses
  • Very low levels of local emissions, which is highly appreciated in closed environments
  • Very few moving parts, which is highly appreciated in environments where service & maintenance costs and durability are important measures

Nordic Green can supply pure methanol according to IMPCA grade (and other grades upon request) and methanol/demineralized water mixes by ship, truck, in pallet-tanks, drums and tapped into different plastic containers.