2009 The first contact between Mr. Koustrup and Mr. Gleerup was established when working on a project regarding bio-methanol for HTPEM fuel cells in automotive applications.
2010 While on a business trip the founders discussed the business opportunities and planned further collaboration.
August 2011 Nordic Green was founded.
December 2011 A contract was signed between the agent Nordic Green and the principal BioMCN.
2012 Nordic Green has been active on the Nordic and Baltic markets.
2013 Nordic Green has it’s first commercial breakthrough; 12-16.000mt sold.
– Unfortunately coinciding with BioMCN balancing on the edge of bankruptcy, in need of a management change, re-investments from the owners and sadly; no deliveries due to shutdown of production.
2014 First sales are made in trucks
First sales are made in seagoing vessels 1.000mt/deliveries
2015 As BioMCN is sold to OCI, the agreement (with all their agents) is terminated
2016 Nordic Green finds new suppliers of both 2G ethanol as well as Advanced Biodiesels and still deals with bio-methanol.