Markets / Applications

We aim to supply the markets with Advanced Biofuels, mainly for gasoline low blends, biodiesel and bio-ethers used as fuels for the existing vehicles and infrastructures without any modifications required. Using Advanced Biofuels in the production of the fore-mentioned fuels leads to significant reductions in CO2 emissions and mitigation of the fuel vs. food controversy as our product is made of wastes instead of food crops. It also affects the quality of the fuel by increasing the efficiency and enhancing the power because of methanol’s higher octane rating and heat of vaporization.

In the future, we are determined to supply the transportation sector with the required industrial scale Advanced Biofuels production in commercializing GEM-fuel (Gasoline Ethanol Methanol), which can be used in Flex-Fuel Vehicles for further substantial transformation of the transportation sector towards decarbonization and sustainability.