Mission and Vision

Environmental and social concerns stemming from increasing CO2 emissions, volatile fossil fuel prices and dependency on oil exporting countries led to the development and the implementation of various technologies for the production of alternative fuels from biomass and wastes.


At Nordic Green we are proud to be the world’s first company focused solely on introducing and commercializing second-generation bio-methanol.

Due to the production methods, Advanced Biofuels are a more sustainable and greener alternative compared to almost all existing commercialized biofuels. Advanced Biofuels are produced from industrial residues, thus mitigating the “food vs. fuel” controversy and achieving substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.


By bridging the gap between producers, oil companies and authority bodies, we envision ourselves as facilitators of the inevitable transition from scarce fossil fuel reserves to unlimited, cheap and renewable energy sources.

We have establish our business in the pursuit of:

  • A sustainable future – Advanced Biofuels can ensure a significant reduction (theoretically up to 100%) in GHG emissions with no agricultural land used in the production
  • Increased efficiency – (up to 40%) increased efficiency compared to octane 95 because of higher octane level and high Heat of Vaporization (which can be turned into higher Compression Ratios and thus higher efficiencies)
  • Enhanced power – Bio-alcohols delivers more power (up to 10% faster acceleration) because of higher octane level (Octane 109)