Panellist at Platts EU Biofuels Seminar, Geneva

Per Sune Koustrup were a Panellist at Platts 6th Annual EU Biofuels Seminar 2017 held at Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva on April 26th.

He participated in Session 3: “Examining the advanced biofuels capable of large-scale production” from 1415 to 1505 together with;

  • Carl Wolf, Vice President, Europe, LanzaTech
  • Robert Boyd, Manager, Environment, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Angel Alberdi, Secretary General, European Wasste-to-Advanced-Biofuels Association and
  • Alysia Tofflemire, Environment & CSR Policy Manager, Boeing

Per Sune Koustrup Geneva

The session was headed by Aaron Berry, Head of biofuels Strategy, Department for Transport, UK

Per elaborated on the fact that 2G bio-methanol production from gasification of biomass is at least double as efficient as 2G bio-ethanol from fermentation of cellulosic material, and that the bio-potential can be doubled by adding (renewable) hydrogen to the syngas.

He also elaborated on the limited global biomass potential (of app. 200 Exa-Joule per year).

Finally it was discussed how one in the future easily can produce jet-fuel using the Methanol-to-Jet (MTJ) technology developed by Mobil in the 1970s and Haldor-Topsø in the 1980’s – with only slight modifications. The energy-losses associated with bio-jet fuel production from methanol is as low as 7-8%.